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Space Hulk Devs Full Control Stopping Making Games

Support to continue, for now

Toll the Bell of Lost Souls. Full Control, the folks most recently behind Space Hulk Ascension and Jagged Alliance Flashback, has stopped making games. The Danish studio ran into financial trouble and will soon only exist as a far smaller company selling and supporting their games. Current plans for DLC, updates, and ports are still in effect, but it's unclear how much we'll see from them or how they'll exist after that.

"After releasing ten games with considerable critical and commercial success, we've made the difficult decision that the release of Space Hulk: Ascension will be our last one," Nordic Game reports founder Thomas Lund said. "We simply wanted to stop when we were at the top of our game."

They were given a hearty shove towards stopping, mind, as they were unable to land funding for new projects. Jagged Alliance Flashback was a bit of a flop and series rights holder BitComposer is in financial trouble of its own, so that closed off another avenue. Ascension has done well, but not well enough.

Rather they cling on then suddenly close, they started winding down in December, and have now laid off most of the 25-person studio. While Full Control is tiny and Lund himself has landed a new job, the company won't vanish entirely.

"... I have enough control of my budgets to be able to 'land' the entire company and avoid bankruptcy," Lund said. "Even though we will not be producing any more content after May, I want Full Control to continue selling the Space Hulk and Jagged Alliance games and providing community support for several years to come."

A new mode and DLC for Ascension are still being worked on for release this spring, and console ports are due this summer. Beyond that, who knows! Best of luck to all the Full Controllers affected by this.

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