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Ladies' Might: War Of The Vikings Add Shieldmaidens

Armed with spear, shield, and great hair

Tch! So much for realism. Those silly sausages at Fatshark have only gone dragged their historical man-murdering simulator War of the Vikings into the realms of folklore and mythology by adding fe-male warriors. See, most accounts of Viking 'shieldmaidens' come from folklore and legend, with scant few historical records of them, so I don't even know what they're thinking. That some might like to play a lady in a video game? Pssh! But fine, whatever, if you want to trash any historical accuracy it had, you can now be a shieldmaiden 'thanks to' a free update launched yesterday.

The update added ladies in several ways, with a new defensive spear&shield-y Shieldmaiden class and female faces for all other classes. If you want to customise your Shieldmaiden, though, you'll need to pay £3.99 for the Shieldmaiden DLC. That also includes extra spears and helmets and whatnot. It's certainly a better option than charging people to be a lady, and perhaps a decent way to fund ongoing support for a niche game.

It's not all girls, girls, girls, mind. On the flipside of the gender binary, you'll also find extra beards in what Fatshark call "the first major update," along with two new maps, balance tweaks, a 100% boost in the drop rate of coins used to unlock items, bug fixes, and so on.

All men must die.

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