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A New, Sexier Party: SpyParty

New site, new shoes, same 'tude

SpyParty fits into a rather small list of games with the header "stuff I read about in PC Gamer for about thirty years but never actually tried" and also the "games Craig Pearson rather likes" one. They're similar lists. For the unfamiliar, it's a one-on-one espionage deal that pits a spy at a party against an onlooking sniper who most identify them before they can carry out their mission. It's the sort of scenario that lends itself so well to games that it's surprising it's taken this long to be done. Probably because of the intense amount of time it's taking to be done right. A three-man team has been chugging away for over four years, with an Early Access model and upcoming graphics improvements the latest developments. They've just buffed up their official website to match and there's a new trailer available once you've completed your assignments, 007.

I'll admit to having been rather put off all these years by the somewhat horrific older models and work-in-progress look of the whole deal, so the new art pass is exciting for me. For those wondering what the old website looked like, it's here and I hope we can all agree there's been a massive improvement. The development log is still intact too, running down a few more details on what's changed and why. The indie laurels are a particular favourite.

If you're undecided and after more sweet, sweet RPS content, we've been writing about SpyParty for ruddy ages, including Craig's hands on, Craig's take on the new art and not-Craig's-but-still-sorta-Craig's interview with developer Chris Hecker. Mmm, all the Craig you could handle.

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