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The Monday Matinee: Highlights from the RPS video department

Lights, camera, rock, paper, shotgun!

In case you live under a mossy rock, or aren't subscribed to Rock Paper Shotgun on YouTube (if not, why not?), I've got you covered. It's the weekly round-up of everything that happened last week on our channel. We do have our very own video corner on the site, so be sure to check back to that throughout the week to see what we're up to. Last week we gave you a whopping seven videos to watch, so here they are.

We kicked off the week with synthy-soundtracked, turn-based tactics game Frozen Synapse 2. Set in a huge city where angry rival factions fight for relics, Matthew focused on the core action and asks you to believe him when he says there's good story happening alongside. Making fun of the blue glowing Tic-Tac characters, and seeing into the future to decide where best to take his crew, Matthew does his absolute best to make sure no one on his team dies. If only he cared that much for his police force in This is the Police 2, but more on that later.

Next up, Noa explored The Bard's Tale IV, a series she is completely new to. She figures out the grid based combat system, doesn't understand why an NPC won't give her soup, and even manages to learn a couple of magical tunes along the way. John, a more experienced dungeon explorer, wasn't convinced in his Bard's Tale IV review, but it's fun to see how it stacks up for a newcomer. The short version: not enough soup.

Taylor Swift once wisely said, "baby, now we got bad blood," but I don't think she was promoting Dying Light's take on the Battle Royale genre. Having read Fraser's early access review of Dying Light: Bad Blood the video team decided to compete to see who can get the furthest in the new mode. Spoilers: I hide a lot, Matthew is resourceful, and Noa is a real zombie chopper.

Finally, we have our first foray into livestreams! And by live I mean on a stage, at EGX, in front of real life people sitting in front of us, as well as viewers at home persevering through the show's patchy internet. It was new for all three of us and I think we did a decent job of it. Well, apart from the bits where we look baffled at the games, or equally baffled by the weird lemon-based catchphrase Eurogamer was trying to force on us. We streamed four games, but I'd recommend watching either Spy Party or This Is The Police 2, for the best display of our streaming prowess. And if you fancy more like this, do subscribe to the channel for more like it.

And here's us playing at police...

And there you have it, lots of lovely videos for your ears and eyeballs. Don't forget to check out Rock Paper Shotgun's YouTube channel for more like this. And remember to subscribe and ring the bell to know when we put out something new. We have to say this or YouTube will chuck the channel into the algorithmic abyss.

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