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The Tuesday Matinee: Highlights from the RPS Video Department

Lights, camera, rock, paper, shotgun!

Have you been checking in on the Rock Paper Shotgun Video Department? It has its very own video corner on the site where everything is collected. But in case you missed it, I'm going to round up our moving picture delights from the last week. From life-consuming RPGs to fish prisons, we covered a lot of bases.

Let's kick off with the team brutally murdering each other. Happy Tuesday! In our Let's Play of Spy Party I absolutely nailed being a super-sleuthing sniper and Noa pretty much failed at being a spy. It's a super fun game, but playing it with a friend proves difficult when you're trying to hold normal conversation without giving yourself away with audible mouse clicks. I never thought I'd brag about the day I passed myself off as a brainless NPC but here we are.

If you prefer your murders with better hair rendering, can I suggest Matthew's verdict on Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, where he explored what works and what doesn't work in Lara's latest. Touching on the mostly combat-free gameplay, to the way the llamas chomp on their food, to the brutality of her stealth, this video answers all of the questions you might have. If you prefer your analysis more static, check out John's Shadow of the Tomb Raider review.

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And here's the video you're all really here for. Don't pretend you're not interested in Megaquarium. Join me as I build a prison for fish that rakes in the dollar. Watch me as I hire staff, boss around my visitors and try not to kill my fish. You get to enjoy me trying to figure out the best fish combinations and the most efficient way to heat and filter tanks, and cooing over my favourite little hermit crab. He's such a cute dude.

Next up we've got a video that documents Noa's entire life for the last two weeks: 8 Reasons Dragon Quest 11 Is One Of The Best RPGs On PC. If you've been a PC gamer for most of your life, there's a chance Dragon Quest has passed you by, so why not let Noa explain to you why you should dip your toes into it now? Or submerge your whole body and life and soul into it as she's done. Taking you through the world design, the delightful NPCs and a supporting cast of lovely chums, Noa certainly convinced me that this should be the game I pick up next. Might work for you, too.

And finally, I make the case for playing Q.U.B.E. 2. I love puzzle games, Portal 2 especially, and with Valve not making Portal 3 any time soon I went looking for the next best thing. Instead of using portals, you'll use cubes and magic gloves to help you progress. If you watch the video it makes a bit more sense. Will our protagonist Millie ever really discover why she's there? Or will we have to keep doubting every single word uttered out of our "guides" mouth?

And there you have it - all of our video loveliness from the week just gone. Make sure you're subscribed to Rock Paper Shotgun's YouTube channel to stay up to date, and do ring the notification bell to stay even more up to date. Pretend I'm blaring an air horn to encourage you to sub.

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