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Dragon Quest XI's treasure-hunting prequel is out now on PC

Dragon Quest Treasures was previously a Switch exclusive

Child versions of Eric and Mia celebrate in a screenshot from Dragon Quest Treasures
Image credit: Square Enix

Dragon Quest Treasures, a prequel to the excellent Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age, is out now on PC. The game launched last year as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, carrying the series’ iconic slimes, and music over to a brand new setting. Dragon Quest Treasures is also Steam Deck verified, should you want to complete its bite-sized treasure hunts on the go (or in the comfort of your bed.)

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Dragon Quest Treasures follows Dragon Quest XI’s thieving companion Eric and his sister Mia during their orphaned childhood. That’s too grim for a series whose mascot is a smiling blue slime, though. So in a Peter Pan-esque twist, the two kids get whisked away to an alternate dimension full of floating sky islands and an endless supply of hidden treasure. That treasure is usually a piece of Dragon Quest history - either a character statue, an important item, or another nostalgic thingamajig.

Eric and Mia then use those hidden goodies to expand their railway headquarters which acts as a travel system between the floating islands. But that HQ is also a home base for your treasure-hunting gang, which in this case is composed of monsters, rather than the ragtag heroes that Dragon Quest usually brings together. The recruitable monsters are as friendly as they look this time and will let you use their gliding, scanning, or sprinting abilities to reach new heights and even more treasure.

Eric and Mia’s adventure in Draconia (or Neverland) is quite different from the rest of the long-running series, as the turn-based combat is switched with a more action-oriented one. Although, Dragon Quest XI's warm and familiar personality is part of the reason it made our best RPGs list, and that charm seems to have made the trip to Draconia, too. So I'm tempted to ride that magical train as well.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available on Steam for £43/$50.

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