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Charm Overload: Ibb & Obb Hits PC On May 26th

Switching gravity, changing platforms

While the indie game habits of pushing forward genres and innovating new styles of play are all well and good, what's truly important and defining is how gosh-darn adorable they can be. ibb & obb is a prime example, its co-op focused platforming previously confined purely to the Sony Playbox as part of their "the indies all belong to us now" initiative. From a glance at the archives this was a post-announcement maneuver for a game originally intended for PC. Thankfully for you, me and lovers of anthropomorphised blobs the world over, the folks at Sparpweed are passing the game through a portal to Steam on May 26th. Check out a launch trailer once you've managed to stand on the ceiling.

No, look, come back! Yes, it's another esoteric, friendly-looking indie platformer with mind-bending anti-gravity gimmicks, but that's not really where the appeal lies. Co-op is the focus, up to and including the business model where a second copy will set you back only a fraction of the cost of the first. Unlike a few of its recent peers, ibb & obb isn't limited to single-screen same-room antics, letting the magic of this new-fangled internet help you coordinate with far-flung colleagues. More over, it looks positively frustrating and painful to play solo - though possibly entertaining for challenge gamers - which reviewers of the first version last year seemed to agree on. Have a look at what cross-continental mega-bros USGamer thought back then and keep the Steam page bookmarked if you're interested.

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