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Bomb Voyage: Titanfall Expedition DLC Due This Month

I just like it, OK?

Three contentious subjects: EA-published first-person shooters; DLC packs for multiplayer games; and news stories about little more than screenshots. But in this instance I'm willing to look deeper than my own initial feelings about all three of those. This is like when you take three foods that don't taste that great but maybe cover each of them with cheese, to trick yourself into eating them. And the cheese in this instance is Titanfall.

Look, I'm still pretty tired after the Monday break, but these Titanfall: Expedition screenshots below look pretty good, alright. Put them in your eyes.

The DLC, due later this month, includes three new maps and will cost $10/£7. Those three new maps are Runoff, Swamplands and War Games, and it's the latter that takes place in a neon virtual reality, as seen in some of these screens.

I promise I won't post this sort of thing very often, but I liked Titanfall a great deal when it was released and I wasn't the only one. Its free-running movement feels great, its deployable robots are a childish delight, and the multi-layered design of its maps makes it the best CTF game in years.

The main thing I didn't like at release was the package it came in: it's an expensive, inflexible game with no server browser, no way to select what maps to play, no mod support... It lacks many of the things which make PC gaming great, and which could have made Titanfall something special. DLC is no fix for any of that and in some ways only exacerbates the problem.

Yet here I am posting about it anyway. My qualms aside, I am hungry for more reasons to experience Titanfall's moveset and surprisingly tactical team-based multiplayer. I wish it wasn't coming as an extra payment for an already £40 game, but if you have the cash to spare and dug the robot melee, Expedition may overcome your initial frustration just as it may overcome mine. I'll review it upon release to see if it's worth either of us giving it time.

And if not, hey, at least the images above are pleasant to look at as objects unto themselves.

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