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A Story About My Uncle I Guess But Mostly Grappling Hooks

Release date for grappling platformer

Hey gang, and welcome back to another exciting round of Judge A Game By Its Name! Today we're looking at A Story About My Uncle. You're thinking 2D puzzle-platformer, right? Monochromatic palette, perhaps accented with red. Lots of slow walking sections with quiet introspective narration, surely? If that's your final answer, then I'm sorry to say you haven't won today, as it's actually a first-person puzzle platformer based around a zappy grappling hook glove. You won't take home the Jet Ski and Royal Doulton plates but on the bright side, we're all getting a new grappling hook game.

It'll arrive in a few weeks, on May 28, publisher Coffee Stain Studios has announced with a new trailer. (Yes, it now publishes as well as making games like Sanctum and Goat Simulator.)

A Story About My Uncle sees a young lad off searching for his uncle something something drawn into a fantastic world something something then you get a fancy glove which lets you swing around with gay abandon. Amazing. I'm so pleased. Developers Gone North Games started the game as a student project, when it caught our Alec's eye back in 2012, before expanding and fancying it up for a commercial release.

Here's the new trailer. All right, I guess it does have a bit of that quiet introspective narration going on. You can take the cuddly toy home with you.

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