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Surprise-aga: Steam Randomly Encounters Final Fantasy III

Only eight years late

OK, first things first: this probably isn't the Final Fantasy III you're thinking of. Final Fantasy III on SNES was actually Final Fantasy VI. So if you get your hopes (and multi-colored hair) up for Terra, Locke, Kefka, and co, you'll probably end up disappointed. However, this version of Final Fantasy III is actually pretty great - just significantly lighter on heartbreaking plot, iconic opera scenes, and the greatest giant purple octopus in all of gaming. But this old-school FF III - which is an up-rezzed port of the excellent Nintendo DS remake - isn't as creaky or uneventful as one might expect. It's a bit odd that it's suddenly coming to PC eight years later, but I'm certainly not one to look a gift chocobo in the steel-crushing beak.

Final Fantasy III is about crystals and a world and peril and other Final Fantasy things. It doesn't have the most inventive plot, but I remember having fun with the battle system, character progression, and exploration when I played the DS version several thousand years ago. The PC version will be slightly improved over that. Here's what we're getting:

FINAL FANTASY III has been optimised for PC gaming with new and improved 3D visuals and story sequences, and will include Steam Trading Cards and Achievements and new visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards.

  • New and improved 3D visuals and story sequences
  • Quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game record
  • New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards
  • Upgraded graphics for PC
  • Includes Steam Trading Cards & Achievements

So some detailing on the paint job and basic Steam functionality, in other words. Nothing even the slightest bit game-changing, but Final Fantasy III is still solid - albeit rather barebones compared to modern JRPG kingpins. Assuming the price ends up being reasonable, count me in. The game doesn't have a release date yet, but Square Enix claims it will be out "soon."

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