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The Sims 4's Character Creator Is More Powerful Than God

Re-mold humanity in your image

Maxis has always had quite a knack for character creation tools, and The Sims 4 will apparently take that to a Whole New Level. Each Sim? Naught but an amorphous lump of flesh putty. And you? Some kind of divine hand that pokes, prods, and pinches your wildest dreams (or shrieking nightmares) into existence. There's a trailer showing off the new tools below. I can't wait to make so many oozing alien sludge babies.

Admittedly, Maxis spent the whole video making very human-like characters, which means the developer of The Sims plays The Sims the wrong way. They set it to some delightful elevator music, though.

It's quite a tool set. I especially like the direct manipulation of every physical feature and the ability to zoom in and see which specific regions can be mussed and molded. It really does look like working with clay or playdough or something along those lines.

And the rest? Well, the rest looks like another Sims game - a formula that, unlike its characters, seems pretty set in stone these days. Who's ready for more gibberish-packed, disaster-ridden shenanigans? Who's ready to cackle with glee at the prospect of torturing tiny ant people, only to feel hideously bad about it three seconds later?

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