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Bundles Bundles Bundles: Two Weeks Of Daily Humbundles

A new (or old) Humble Bundle every day

You've got to get your Humble Bundles out when guests come over, haven't you. Show them the collection, that's right. They always say they enjoy looking, don't they, though they do ask why you never play any of them. They don't get get it, do they, but that's fine. You've got your collection, all tidy and shiny in those pewter frames. Those frames with a gap in the middle. That dreadful, gaping gap that creeps into your dreams and you awake screaming. The Humble Bundle you missed.

Chin up, chuck! You might catch it again. The Humble folks are running a fortnight of daily pay-what-you-want Humble Bundles--some old favourites and some new hopefuls--so fingers crossed That One That Got Away comes around again.

It all started yesterday with The Humble Deep Silver Bundle, which you still have a few hours to grab from the Humble Bundle site. Come 7pm, each and every day for the next two weeks, a new bundle will be on sale.

"Expect some unique bundles curated specifically for this event," Humble say. "You will also see special deals on games packaged with great extras. We are also opening up the vault and bringing back some bundles for one-night-only reunion shows and kicking off this festival with one of our favorites."

(The Humble Deep Silver Bundle, by the way, was that one with Saints Row 2 and 3, Metro 2033, the Dead Islands, Sacred 2, and a few other games.)

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