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Perish The Thought Of Ignoring Gorgeous Roguelike Perish

It's Dark Souls meets Spelunky, apparently

To begin, I will admit that Perish is not in any way an unheard of quantity in the world of PC games. It's a roguelike-like with random generation and permadeath. Once upon a time nobody did that for 20 years, but now it's every videogame. Perish does, however, sweeten the pot with Dark-Souls-inspired biff-thud-whump-*sounds of your own pitiful whimper*-ing and a gorgeously gloomy aesthetic. Basically, it's Dark Souls meets Spelunky. It's still pretty early, but there's an alluringly melancholic trailer below.

Perish's two biggest touchstones? One-man dev team Anthony Richard explains:

"Perish is a video game, an Action-RPG with permadeath & procedurally generated levels, also known as a roguelike-like. The combat is deadly and deliberate, inspired by Dark Souls. Block, dodge and manoeuvre to get a good opening to damage your opponent, while making sure not to give the enemy an opening yourself. Levels are randomly generated, and the structure of the game as a whole is similar to Spelunky. A full play-through should take about an hour, but is so difficult that you will likely need to play many times to become good enough to reach the end."

There will also be multiple classes, non-random enemies/bosses, and all that good stuff. Oh, and color. It will definitely have more of that than Dark Souls.

Perish is on Indiegogo right now, and it's already doubled its goal. Granted, it started off with an incredibly modest request for $1,500 (yes, that comma is in the right place), so it didn't have too much trouble finding willing wallets.

There's no release date yet, but Perish still has almost a month left in its crowdfunding campaign. Apparently Richard plans to develop it for at least another few months after that. What do you think? Imperishive or utterly perishable?

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