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Not Dun Yet: Verdun Trailer Shows Updates For WWI FPS

Great War gets... er, greater.

I've been harboring a desire to return to Red Orchestra 2 for a month now, but perhaps I might be derailed for duty on another muddy frontline. Verdun is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in World War 1, about trench warfare, slowly shifting frontlines and squad tactics. It's currently in alpha, and there's a new trailer showing the game's impressive progress below.

One of the best things about RO2 is the in-game dialogue, whereby your own team always sounds like they're speaking (heavily accented) English but opposing teams sound off in their genuine Russian or German. It's fantastically engrossing, alienating, horrible to hear the man you just shot yell something panicked you can't understand. So it's a good thing that one of Verdun's latest updates is French and German barks for its soldiers.

Although the alpha contains maps set across the frontlines of the Great War, the game is chiefly inspired by the battle of Verdun, one of the most costly in human history. According to Wikipedia, an estimate in 2000 put the number of casualties at 714,231; "377,231 French and 337,000 German."

Now I feel sad, which seems only fair. The final game is due this summer, but it currently costs £13 for Early Access through Steam.

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