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WW1 FPS Isonzo will continue the fight started by Verdun

On the Italian Front this time, from valleys to peaks

After fighting on the Western Front of World War 1 in Verdun then the Eastern Front in Tannenberg, the first-person shooter series will continue on the Italian Front in Isonzo later this year. Blackmill Games and M2H today announced their latest game will rumble across the mountains, valleys, and towns of northern Italy. Watching the announcement trailer, oof yeah I don't think the lovely weather makes up for the hellish battlefield terrain.

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Verdun and Tannenberg are on the more serious end of the shooter spectrum, not full-on Arma-esque sims but certainly less arcade-y than Call Of Duty. Looks like Isonzo will continue that vibe in a new place with new challenges. One addition is the new Offensive mode, which they say "puts players right in the middle of key historical offensives on the Italian Front, from high-altitude combat in the Alps through to the ferocious battles for the Isonzo river." Hey, they said the name of the game - rules say you gotta chug a Sanpellegrino Chinotto.

Isonzo is due to launch on Steam later this year. It'll also be on PlayStations and Xboxes.

It do wonder how sensible it is to release these as sequels/expandalones. 'Realistic WW1 multiplayer FPS' is a niche with its fans, no doubt, but it's definitely a niche and this runs the risk of splintering the small-ish number of players across three games. Expansions do present problems on that front too, of course. Tricky. Point is, man, it's rough out there for smaller multiplayer games. I feel for them.

Correction: Isonzo, Alice, not Isonozo. Sheesh.

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