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WWI shooter Tannenberg marches into early access soon

All quite a bit loud on the eastern front

We’ve had the iceberg, the fatberg and now the Tannenberg [Steam page]. The latter is not as immediately impressive as an unassailable blockage of congealed grease held together by a fibrous network of wet wipes, but it is videogame-releated and thus of interest to you, the reader. It’s a multiplayer shooter set on the eastern front of World War One from the studio that made Verdun. And they’ve announced a release date of November 16, from which point it’ll be firing all its shells into the trenches of our greatest enemy – early access.

Here’s a trailer which shows you no in-game player-on-player atrocities, per se, but perhaps gives an idea of the historically accurate murder you’ll be doing.

Cover image for YouTube video

It’s a standalone follow-up to Verdun, rather than a brand new shooter or expansion pack, say developers Blackmill Games and M2H. It includes a new mode called Maneuver. And I just fought through a cold sweat to spell it like that, so I’ll let them explain.

A new 64 person game mode will let players experience the different nature of warfare on the Eastern Front in the new Maneuver battles the action will flow unpredictably as both sides try to outflank and effectively encircle enemy positions. Instead of static trench lines and alternating attack and defense, players will attempt to capture important positions such as signal posts and ammunition dumps reflecting the enemy army’s supply and links with their headquarters.

Verdun was more realistic than Battlefield 1, so expect more of the same – a shooter of Red Orchestra or Day of Infamy ilk where you die fast and often. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go buck wild with your Cossack sabre and charge the enemy lines. I mean, that’s what I’d do, if I were you. You’ll be an inspiration to the rest of the men. Go on, lead the way, I’ll meet you in Berlin.

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