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Faster Than A Silver Bullet: Infinity Runner

Space (were)wolf

What a strange screenshot. I thought Infinity Runner was a game about hubris. Humans, over-reaching as ever, build a spaceship so big that it falls over. The player character is a prisoner who must escape from the ship, fleeing in first-person, dodging security systems and enemies while leaping and performing funky futuristic parkour.

That all sounds good. I was wrong about the hubris bit though. The size of the spaceship isn't the problem - the werewolf is the problem, carving through the crew as if they were pillars of Pedigree Chum. I didn't know about the werewolf until it popped its snout into the launch trailer below.

That's a good trailer. Not as good (or as muddy) as the Spintures trailer, and therefore not the best of the day, but it's still a damn good trailer.

The video has obviously been in training and, fleet of foot, has managed to arrive almost a week before the game's launch. Silly speedy trailer! The game is out on June 2nd and will have full Oculus Rift support.

In Infinity Runner, the player controls the protagonist, the prisoner, from a first-person perspective as he is challenged to escape from the gargantuan spaceship. This is accomplished by use of techniques and movements inspired by the disciplines of parkour and mixed martial arts, the game-play conveys the players strain and physical contact with the environment whilst dealing with the constantly changing and expansive surroundings.

As well as these evasive elements there’s also combat sections in the game where a dynamic targeting system is used which calls for fast reflex combinations. The game has been described as Mirrors Edge meets Mass Effect and supports the latest virtual reality technology as well as having multi-player support which enables up to 32 people to play head to head.

Oh, and I may have been right about the spaceship's size after all. It's called the Infinity, which is a bit of a giveaway, and it requires a crew of 5,000,000 and has living space for another billion. That's a big ship and entirely vulnerable to the werewolves of hubris.

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