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X Rebirth Being Reborn With Version 2.0 Update

X marks the spot?

Once upon a time, the Internet's most powerful Craig, Craig "Craig" Craig (Pearson) proclaimed X Rebirth "an appalling, broken mess, and I’m not going back." Are you sure, though, Craig? Are you absolutely sure? What if... what if it stopped being entirely terrible? What if version 2.0's changes were so extensive that they got their own PDF with a table of contents? Would that be enough? Is anything enough for you anymore, Craig? Why don't we talk anymore? What happened to us?

I have no idea if it'll result in a good game, but a lot has changed. A whole, whole lot. Let's run down a small portion of a very long list.

Among other things, Egosoft has changed, overhauled, or added an improved cockpit, a new set of secret service missions, radar, autopilot, new highway gameplay, remotely dealing with NPCs, a new NPC icon system, AI commands/fleet control, advanced trading, new HUDs, new graphics options, Steam Workshop support, and probably, like, the option to buy a virtual box of turtles and groom them until their shells gleam like stars in the night sky.

So yes, X Rebirth is different now. Is it better? Is it... playable?

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