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WildStar Raids Reveal Big Bosses And Random Bits

On your toes, raider

All and sundry can currently check out the early-mid game of WildStar, as Carbine's MMORPG is still in open beta testing until early Monday morning, but what about the supposed real part of MMORPGs, the end-game--raiding? The lastest part of WildStar's slow marketing reveal focuses on just that, detailing raiding with words and pictures and moving pictures. The word "hardcore" is muttered a lot during talk of dynamic battlefields, telegraphed attacks, randomised events, and hitting monsters until hats burst forth from their smashed guts.

These aren't your father's raids, is a line no one in video game marketing will have said in the past decade, though they are the same basic idea of grouping up with 20-40 people then smashing through big minibosses and giant bosses to find treasure. WildStar hopes to keep raiders on their toes somewhat with dynamic bits.

"On Nexus, enemies learn from your pesky visits," so goes the official word. "Be prepared for tectonic shifts from one week to the next, with unique events and bosses available at variable times." Levels might also shift and reconfigure, and certain attacks will destroy floors, though it isn't entirely clear quite how sweeping these changes are.

It'll be interesting to see how this is received. A large part of raiding culture is learning and nailing raids, with guilds and players trying to master raids so they can easily farm them for their precious items. But if raids stay fresh and interesting, perhaps people might play them for ~spit~ fun?

The official site has more on a few specific raids, and here's the new 'DevSpeak' video:

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