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Earworm: Game Music Bundle 7 Offers 5 Soundtracks For $1

Nothing as good as Lotus 3 though

A side benefit to videogame bundles: they offer the opportunity to write about games that would otherwise go unmentioned on a PC-only site. Take Game Music Bundle 7, for example. For $1, it gives you the soundtracks to The Banner Saga, Broken Age, Luftrausers, The Floor Is Jelly and Device 6. Which is four PC games and therefore ample excuse to mention that the mobile-only Device 6 is a puzzle game with some of my favourite videogame music ever. I mean, listen to this.

Or maybe you don't care about the advantages the bundle offers me, the lowly internet writer, and instead want to know that if you pay a further $9 (for a total of $10, fact fans), you'll also net the soundtracks to The Yawhg, Starbound, Escape Goat 2, Eldritch, Tribes: Ascend, Ether and my fingers are getting tired so I'll just say nine others for a total of 20.

One of those nine others is Calum Bowen's Winnose, and Sunday Papers readers will know I've raved about his work before. Listen to some of it now, please.

The bundle is offered through Loudr, which distribute a ton of videogame soundtracks and cover arrangements. The nice thing about the bundle - aside from it being cheap and supportive of under-appreciated creators - is that you'll get every album in both mp3 and lossless FLAC formats. So if you're the sort to be able to tell the difference (I can't), you'll be able to brag to your friends all the more about how good your speaker system is.

You've got around twelve hours to go before the bundle ends, so take a look (with your ears).

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