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Connecting The DoTTs: Schafer Plays Day Of The Tentacle

Not enough screaming for a Let's Play

What are your personal memories of Day of the Tentacle? Mine is that for years before playing it, I thought it was called "Dave the Tentacle" because I'd only ever heard it mentioned in conversation with Scottish accents. Tim Schafer's memories of the game are considerably more interesting. Not only does he know the name of the LucasArts adventure game, but over the course of this forty-minute video he talks about the inspirations behind the characters, the process of brainstorming the story, production details of particularly fine animations... It's almost as if he worked on it.

As the start of the video explains, this is the first time Schafer has played Day of the Tentacle in over ten years. As the description underneath the YouTube video explains, the video was originally filmed in June 2012 as bonus content for the Double Fine Adventure documentary. As this sentence you're reading right now explains, this isn't the only way to watch Schafer play a game he made while talking about it, as Nathan's A Game And A Chat series began by getting the lauded adventure game designer to play Broken Age Part 1 just after its release.

Is there a part two somewhere? Is it going to be made available to non-backers soon? I don't know, but there's enough insight in this first part to make it worth watching on its own. There's even a good Steven Spielberg anecdote at 28 minutes in.

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