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Class On The Line: Warside

Medics and machine guns

There are more bullets in a minute of Warside than there are grains of sand trapped in bodily crevices after a day at the beach. In the sidescrolling arenas of the multiplayer shooter you wouldn't be able to swing a cat without hitting a bullet. As far as I can tell, there are no hiding places and characters rely on energy shields to protect them from the hail of projectiles. In many ways, it looks like an old-fashioned team deathmatch FPS, with the perspective shifted from behind the eyes. The latest video shows the various classes, which include a Medic with a curious stance and the Infiltrator, a sly sniper. The latter would be my preferred class but I suspect I'd need to be able to zoom the viewpoint out to perform any sniping.

I'd quite like to try a multiplayer version of Abuse, which is what Warside initially reminded me of. The viewpoint does look like it's far too close to the action for entire scenes in the video though, with players shooting at opponents who aren't visible onscreen. Despite the constant shooting and shielding, the presence of distinct classes does suggest at least a slight tactical teamwork element rather than patience and spongey bullet-soaking.

Warside continues to seek votes on Greenlight.

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