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Suits You, Siri: The Fall

More to this than meets the AI

In The Fall you play an item of clothing. Surprisingly, with this being PC gaming and all, you're not a hat, a monocle or a different hat. You're a futuristic combat suit, or at least you're the artificial intelligence that has been loaded on-board the suit. When the suit's occupant loses consciousness under mysterious circumstances, you must all of your simulated smarts to find safety and possibly discover a few home truths about your protocols and programming along the way. The first episode of the side-scrolling atmospheric point and click platformer is out on May 30th and a new trailer lays down some ground rules. Listening to music and wearing clothes is cause for suspicion.

The game is due to be released in three separate acts and is the result of a successful Kickstarter. I'm hoping it's turned out more like The Secret of Metroid Island than The CaveDig and will be taking a look before launch. The first act weighs in around three hours and will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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