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Don't Stay Away From The Trapdoor, An Amnesia Mod

Claymation classic reimagined as horror

Somewhere in the dark and nasty regions, where nobody goes, stands an ancient castle, according to an old British legend. Deep within this dank and uninviting place, lives Jonathan Burke, overworked servant of "the thing upstairs." But that's nothing compared to the horrors that lurk beneath the trap door, for there is always something down there, in the dark, waiting to come out.

Don't you download that Trapdoor. You're a fool if you dare. Stay away from that trapdoor, 'cause there's something down there...

You see, dear reader, I was repurposing the theme song of 1980s children's television show The Trap Door as a hook for a post about The Trapdoor, an Amnesia: The Dark Descent mod inspired by the claymation creepshow. It's a calculated risk. Would the reference delight British readers of a certain age enough to compensate for the risk of alienating international readers? And what about readers who roll their eyes and mutter "Yes, I too was alive between during the 1980s" when they suspect someone may be lazily leaning on pop culture references?

Anyway. The Trapdoor is an Amnesia-y homage to The Trap Door, reimagining the cheery adventures of blue blob Berk as the horrifying ordeals of Jonathan Burke. Serving his master in a decrepit castle, he's haunted by visions of what lurks beneath the trap door in the basement. Berk's skull pal Boni becomes an inanimate hunk of bone Burke clings to for comfort in times of terror, banishing the horrors that chase him. It all looks quite swish:

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