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Mechagodzilla 'Em Up: Kerberos Crowdfunding Kaiju-a-Gogo

Make the monster of your dreams

As someone involved a bit with playful live events, my dream project is a Godzilla-esque model city installation. I want to fill a room with city for people to interact with as they see fit, wandering through its streets, admiring the handicraft, sitting down and chillaxing in the park, or perhaps stomping it down to the ground while roaring. Kaiju-a-Gogo is more focused on that last part.

Sword of the Stars devs Kerberos Productions are coming down to Earth with a smashy strategy game about taking over the world by crushing cities, armies, governments, and giant robots with a honking great customisable kaiju. If that sounds like your bag, you can back it on Kickstarter.

Kaiju-a-Gogo plots world domination with one weird trick: sending out a giant monster to trash cities and crush their defenders. You're trying to demoralise the populace so they surrender to your rule, see, and smashing also nets your kooky scientist resources to make their kaiju mightier. The game will offer a choice of three kaiju (a plant thing, a Frankenstein, or a robodinosaur), each with around a skill tree of around 90 upgrades. Naturally you have a secret island base too, which needs fortifying in case the world comes a-knocking. I broadly support the ideas of this game.

Kerberos are asking for $50,000 Canadian on Kickstarter (£27,000), offering copies of the finished game to people who pledge at least $15 CAD (£8-ish) or $12 CAD if you get in early. They're hoping to release it by the end of November. Should they pass the funding goal, they're looking to add mod tools as well as more features and other usual stretch video game goals.

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