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Peggle 2 Is Pretty Much Confirmed

From a job advert posted on Gamasutra, it is revealed that PopCap are working on "a stylistic reboot of our Peggle franchise". Which is a way of saying: NEW PEGGLE! Which pretty much confirms that rumour from last month, after naughty Adam Orth tweeted about needing a new art director for a Peggle project, before promptly deleting it and probably having his knees spanked.

More than just a unit of measurement, Peggle is one of those games that you'd have to be Sir Wrongface Wrongington to dislike. Surely, I don't have quite the passion for it that, say, an Alec Meer might have, and yes, I do skip the tiresome repeating of Ode To Joy at the end of each screen much to those such as Kieron Gillen's disgust, and of course I recognise that Bookworm Adventures is PopCap's bestest game, but that doesn't mean I don't recognise Peggle as one of the most masterful timewasters out there.

Of course, PopCap is now EA's Pop-EA-Cap EA, so it's certainly entertaining to pretend that a reinvention of the series would mean it will be an online only first-person shooter that formats your hard drive if you mutter a swear word to yourself as you're playing. But I'm too mature to sink to such levels.

The job advert is demanding someone with over 7 years experience at being an art bod, so they're taking this jolly seriously. Here's the key quote:

"PopCap is looking for an Art Director to join our Peggle Franchise Studio. The Peggle Franchise Art Director will be responsible for defining and directing a stylistic reboot of our Peggle franchise."

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