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Make Peggle, Not War: PopCap's Finest For Free

Today is International Stop Hating Things Day. Do you hate things? Do you burn to say how awful you think they are on the internet? For one day only, stop it. Stop hating things! You'll feel better. And I'll even give you a reward for it - a free copy of Peggle Deluxe. No, you're not allowed to hate it. That would contravene the rules of International Stop Hating Things Day.

All of this has happened before and will do again, of course. I mean to pull no wool over your eyes there. Any chance to play Peggle, especially if you haven't before, is one worth taking though - PopCap's arguable finest hour is one of merriment and affirmation, and steeped in a good-natured innocence arguably lost to PopCap games since they started getting all hot and bothered about Facebook and whatnot.

It also seems so very long ago that all of RPS' founders lived and breathed Peggle, with the exception of John who hated it because International Stop Hating Things Day hadn't yet been invented.

Remember: stop hating things, all today. And play Peggle. Peggle!

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