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Crikey: Left 4 Dead Fan Film Trailer

It's official - I can no longer tell the difference between fan film trailers and Hollywood trailers. The extraordinary snippet of film below is a teaser for a soon-to-be-released fan movie of Left 4 Dead. But I challenge you to spot the joins here. I mean, unless they've a person stood on someone else's shoulders, holding a third man upside down by his trouser legs, it seems like they have a crane. Are you still a fan film if you've got a crane? Surely you're just a film at that point? In other words: wow.

Apparently the full film will be out "soon". It's directed by Adrian Picardi, and seems to be made with the support of the scarily serious folks at Airsoft. (I used to write a gaming column in Airsoft Magazine. I'm still not quite sure how that happened.) And it's damned impressive. Take a look.

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Admittedly it doesn't show any vocal acting, which is obviously pretty key. But I'm properly looking forward to seeing the whole thing. (Oh, and quick tip guys - you might want to add a "thank you" to Valve somewhere in your credits.)

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