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The Fumbled RPS Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle Bundle!

This Christmas you can get your hands on something really special. It's the RPS Bundle! Get all four editors of Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the price you want. They'll come and live in your house, shed, kennel, etc, and write poorly proofed posts about forthcoming and recently released indie bundle deals at your demand! Pay what you want for all four writers, bundled together for the very first time.

That's Jim Rossignol, Alec Meer, Adam Smith and John Walker, all entirely DRM free, at the price you want to pay. And if you pay more than the average, then we won't also send Kieron Gillen.

If you bought all four writers separately, it would cost around £4.20, but we are letting you set the price. All four work well with sandwiches, coffee and pudding, and only minimal sleep between posting about indie bundles.

You can support charity. Choose exactly how your purchase is divided: between the writers and the Horace Fund For Bereaving Children.

Please note that the initial release of the writers may lead to confusion and distress, so please be patient while they calm down and find a safe, dank corner.

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