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You Say Du-Bye And I Say Hell-O: Spec Ops

We sent Craig into what I can only assume was the heart of a diabolical sandstorm to take a look at Spec Ops: The Line. Despite misgivings, he admired the impressive spectacle, most of which seems to be due to the game's setting in a decaying and sand-suffocated Dubai. A new trailer, which shows a fair bit of gameplay, does manage to impress with its sense of scale. There are towering, shattered buildings and a beach's worth of sand being dumped onto unsuspecting enemies. That goes along with some cover-based shooting and some excessive violence, including a foot stomp that Isaac Clarke would be proud of. Put on your shades, then take a look.

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I'm still not sure if it's just over the top grimness or if there's an actual supernatural horror element. I'm not sure about anything today. I do suspect that the bad guy is Ra's al Ghul but nobody has confirmed that for me yet.

On a different note, I just spotted that if you go and watch at Youtube itself, there's a little snowflake button that has a predictable effect on the video you're watching. It works incredibly well with this.

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