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Spec Ops: The Line is free until Saturday

Get it while it's hot

Spec Ops: The Line is free over at the Humble Store right now. It's only available for 48 hours, ending March 31st at 10am Pacific, so I advise you to go there now. Congratulations! You are hopefully now the proud owner of a game about the horrors of war. It's hell, in case you hadn't heard, and many people are unsure what it's good for. Hu-ah.

Here's wot our Alec thought back in the day.

There's a Humble Bundle running at the moment as well, with some lovely things in it. Lovely things like the existential horror of Soma. Lovely that.

If you were worrying that Far Cry 5's lack of political or emotional conviction might mean that ALL games about shooting masses of people had nothing to say about the context and meaning of shooting masses of people, fear not. Spec Ops: The Line, the Funny Games of the military shooter genre, is here to remind you that there might well be an ethical quandary involved in all of that gunplay.

It's about as on the nose as a pre-prom pimple but I like Spec Ops quite a lot. It felt like a necessary game back when it came out in 2012 and it's worth playing just for the gorgeous environments. Dubai has never looked so bizarrely beautiful, broken and drowned in sand.

The free Steam keys are available "until Saturday, March 31 at 10 a.m. Pacific time – or while supplies last". I do not know how digital supplies run out. How much internet is left? Are we running out of ro

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