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Meanwhile... A Tour Of Revamped Everquest II

If you can't or won't afford The Old Republic but are grumpily hanging around comments threads wishing you too were off on online adventures, it's worth remembering that exactly 312,129 MMOs have now gone free to play. No lightsabers, but also no queues. One of the more recent of these is Everquest II, the at-the-time ambitious fantasy world that's probably slightly annoyed that its precusor still co-exists alongside it. Below is a narrated video tour of some of the new stuff in the free to play to play update, the Age of Discovery expansion, the new class Beastlords, a dungeon designer tool and a major overhaul of key city Freeport. This is actually my first peek at the game in quite some time - it's really quite pretty, in a slightly austere way.

Forgive the stuttering - that's something my PC did while I was re-encoding it, not some horrific problem with the game. Bad PC! Bad! [Thump] Oh dear, that laptop was quite expensive.

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Anyone tempted to return to EQ2? Anyone still playing, in fact? It does seem to be the quiet of man of the (once) big MMOs, which makes me wonder if its community is silently up to very clever things that can't be achieved in the huge crowds of the bigger games.

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