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Think Of The (Infected) Children: Amy

What happens when Ico, Clocktower, Silent Hill, Dead Rising 2 and Resident Evil meet in a darkened motel room, get drunk and share their genetic soup? Leading ludobiologists inform me there's a good chance they may bring a downloadable offspring into the world by the name of Amy, whose habits include hanging out with infected children, obsessive hand-holding, a tendency to hide beneath tables and a clunky yet strangely effective technique of clobbering zombies with pieces of junk lying about the place.

Me and Jim have both written about Amy in the past, admiring the apparent emotional undercurrent that runs through its survival horror tendencies. A new video showing the combat makes me worry that we might be in for an extended escort mission interspersed with unsatisfactory combat. What do you reckon?

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The protagonists in survival horror games are often described as being inept at combat, but they don't seem to have a problem beating dead things to death. I think 'untrained' actually means 'poorly animated' more often than not. I also have no idea why teleportation occurs at the end. Or even if it that's what's happening, to be honest. Something went wibbly. Still, horror games don't come around often enough for my liking and there are definitely some interesting ideas here.

Amy was originally a PSN exclusive but should be arriving on Steam after its initial release on the Third Station of Play, which is Q1 2012.

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