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Diggle Deities: Dungeons Of Dredmor DLC

It was announced in the recently expired month of November and now, on what should be the day before release, Dungeons of Dredmor's first expansion has been trailerised. As well as containing graphic closeups of the most formidable eyebrows in gaming, the video provides details on the contents of Realm of the Diggle Gods. New enemies, areas and equipment are present, as one would expect, but did you expect a Werediggle skill line? I didn't because my imagination is clearly limited and limp. How about eye lasers and the ability to create a character who is a "Vampiric Pirate Hunter-Vegan that dabbles in Demonology"? Oh, and belts! Sounds good. Watch below.

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The new achievements are already visible on Steam and I couldn't help but notice, because I was reading them with a great deal of care, that there is an emomancy skill line. I shall create the saddest hero of all, the hair of his eyebrows styled into emo fringes, and he shall be magnificent.

Provided there are no distribution hitches, the expansion should be on Steam and Desura tomorrow. The base game is only £3.49 and it would be very odd if the DLC was more expensive than that, so you should be able to find enough pennies to buy it between the cushions of your couch. Just pop them into your computer's DVD drive and they become Steam credit immediately. That's what it's for now that you don't need to put games in it.

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