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!: Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Seven Year Humble Bundle

Our little bundle of joy

We're seven years old! (Actually, we were seven years old last month, but we've never been much for punctuality.) And so by way of celebration we've curated the latest weekly Humble Bundle, and that means we've chosen some of our most beloved indie games from the past seven years for the Pay What You Want sale. An esoteric bunch, but so very beautiful, all. If only there were room for all the delights of those many wonderful years. As ever, some of the money goes to charity, too: we chose EFF and Medecins Sans Frontieres. Find out more, below, or simply click over the the bundle itself.

So at the basic tier we've got the grand puzzler, World Of Goo, which we got so excited about back in the day. There's also Armageddon Empires, which lit a fire under Kieron Gillen back in 2007, and remains a strategy masterpiece. There's also the tremendous and much-loved play-your-music game, Audiosurf, and Dungeons Of Dredmor, which earned a pleasing verdict over here. Then at Beat The Average level there's AI War, with all its expansions, which we diarised over here, the masterful Teleglitch - which Jim rather liked - and the all-too-sinister Amnesia: The Dark Descent. We had something to say about that over here.

If you want all that in narrated video, here's a video:

As the mysterious RPS narrator observes, we're not taking any money from this, we were just here to choose the bundle content. And on that note, here's a widget thing for the payment of money:

We do hope you have fun. And raise some money for charity, too.

Happy birthday!

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