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Dungeons Of Dredmor: The Game With No Name

Suicidally deciding to launch during E3 - don't they realise we have to post all the trailers, until such time as we are dead? - is a free expansion for the lovely (if divisive) Dungeons of Dredmor. Despite the devs coming up with all manner of "new items, enemies, rooms, skills, and things to generally make your life Better and/or More Full of Death", the one thing they couldn't force their tired brains to do was devise a title for the new content. Hence, it is simply "You Have To Name The Expansion Pack." I'm going to call mine Dungeons of Dredmor: George Osborne Is A Pasty-Faced Spawn Of An Earwig With A Weeping Sore Where His Soul Should Be. How about you?

The main draws are probably the new Skill trees, including Battle Geology, Clockwork Knight, Rogue Scientist and Warlockery, but obviously there are more things to kill too. Much of the new stuff comprises a sort of Best Of the modding community's recent efforts.

Speaking of which, also now a thing is support for the Steam Workshop, which means all manner of third-party mods can be browsed , added or even uploaded. More info on that here, the currently available mods are here and here is the place to go if you wish to get a-modding yourself.

Additionally, Dredmor itself is currently available at a 70% discount, as is the 'complete' package also containing the Realm of the Diggle Gods add-on. In either case, the game is so cheap as to be almost free right now.

But this still isn't the best Dredmor news today. The best Dredmor news today is the system requirements for the new expansion pack.

Well, now we know who won E3.

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