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Rainbow Six: Patriots - #OccupyClancy

The video that first made me aware that Rainbow Six: Patriots would allow me to press square to kiss my wife was a breath of fresh air in the stale confines of this business called game. Tom Clancy's skill as writer, computer graphics wizard and cinematographer allowed him to deliver a rollercoaster ride. I gasped with delight as foreclosures were topically referenced, screamed in excited glee as a wiggly-hipped woman was held at knifepoint and actually raised my arms and went 'wheeeee' as a man wearing a suicide vest was thrown off a bridge and exploded. I was concerned that this level of intensity was impossible to maintain. But, lo! A new teaser trailer shows that Tom's still got it where it counts. In his willingness to ensure that all promotional materials contain an unarmed man being forcibly blown to bits in an urban environment.

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YES! You show those cabbies - they're more guilty than anyone, with their solid gold gearsticks and names like Hank Fairweather Trumpington Jr III. They're so famously out of touch, they don't know anything about what life's like on the streets for the common man.

Literally my only concern is that this bold take on the harsh realities of modern political terrorism may be too real for some. My advice to them is to get out of the kitchen because Mr Clancy is cooking up a storm I like to call the future. The main ingredient? Wealthy people exploding, forever.

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