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King Arthur II: The Screenshots Of Snore

As the Winter months draw in, and RPS finds it has to light the fire all day long just to thaw our toes, gaming news starts to dry up a little. But fortunately there are three incredibly crap new screenshots of King Arthur II! So what can I possibly have to complain about, eh? You can see them below, along with some actual news about the game.

Along with three screenshots, two of which are mostly of pretend books, there's a smidgen of new news too. Paradox's strategy-RPG sequel explains that it's getting all moral.

"Not only that, the decisions you make on Knightly quests will affect your Morality and Faith, and even your realm itself. You can be a Righteous and Christian king, but it's also entirely possible to change the whole Arthurian myth by following the Old Ways and worshipping the Ancient Gods, or even by becoming a ruthless monarch. Changes to your Morality and Faith will unlock unique Units and Spells on the Morality Chart as well as changing future decisions you'll have to face later."

The aim of the game is to restore the land to its idyllic happiness, as it was before poor old King A received a wound that never heals, the Holy Grail proved not dishwasher proof, and the Fomorians invaded home. To do this you go on what Paradox call "Knightly adventures". (Inevitable homophone joke!) A bunch of quests. Interestingly, these take the form of choose-your-own-adventure style "written adventures", which are either battles, diplomatic politics, and adventures that will apparently let you, "meet new heroes, solve important problems, save damsels, place bets in arena fights and everything in between."

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