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Headline With A ?: Company of Heroes Sequel?

Could it really be that Relic are at last working on some manner of follow-up to their very well-received and very well-realised World War II RTS Company of Heroes? It could, claims PC Gamer's print edition, claims Kotaku, claims VG247. I cannot verify this, but on this slowest of slow news days I shall report it nonetheless. There are no details because this is mere rumour, but though PCG are in the habit of eating live babies they aren't generally in the habit of being scurrilous, so let's hope they're on the money here.

For my part: I reckon Relic'd be mad not to do a new COH. With the traditional RTS industry so very quiet at the moment - StarCraft II seems to have scared everyone off - there's surely a huge appetite for a meaty, glossy strategy game like this, especially one that's free from sci-fi blither.

Terrible, terrible fear: what if they decide to do a Call of Duty/Call of Juarez and make it modern day? COH singlehandedly defeated my WW2 videogame ennui, so I'd hate to see it abandon that setting now.

(And I know, I know, why won't they just make Homeworld 3?)

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