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Get Northgard for free in the GamesPlanet strategy sale

Plus big discounts on Age of Empires, Frost Punk, Battletech, Crusader Kings, Company of Heroes and many more top-tier franchises.

UK retailer Gamesplanet is running a medieval and strategy sale in honour of their 15th anniversary, including a pretty outstanding offer - get the excellent Viking strategy game Northgard for free when you spend more than £3.50 and use code NORSEGODS. There's plenty discounted in the sale too, including some of the best PC strategy games ever made, so take a look!

So - the highlights. As a hardcore strategy nerd I feel well equipped to say that there are a crazy number of heavily discounted games here, from remastered classics to bold new takes on the strategy and/or tactics genres. I'm a lifelong fan of Age of Empires and Company of Heroes (the latter of which today saw the announcement of a long-awaited sequel!!); both are discounted heavily, up to 80% depending on the individual title you're interested in.

Also included are Frostpunk (70% off), Crusader Kings (up to 75% off), John Wick Hex (46% off), Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord (26% off) and dozens of other legitimate bangers.

My personal highlight from the sale is Battletech, which includes its (in my eyes) absolutely essential Season Pass which adds a ton of new random events and other content to the game for £20 (53% off). If you've not got the game yet, then the Mercenary Collection includes the digital deluxe version of the game and all DLC for £22 (69% off), which seems like a crazy-good price given how long you can happily spend building, upgrading, crewing and fighting a succession of improbably tall piloted 'mechs from your deep space dropship.

Honestly, I want to write about more of this sale but there's absolutely so much here - I just keep scrolling and scrolling and finding more and more to get excited about - that I simply must stop now while I still have a chance of getting this post finished. Oh, I will mention that pretty much every game I've checked has been sold as a Steam key, so that will no doubt please anyone that hates being shunted into Epic, Origin or Ubisoft's associated game launchers when Steam is like, right there.

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Right, I hope this post was useful. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go reinstall Battletech. I've got scrap to collect and 'mechs to build!

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