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This mod lets you fight Crusader Kings 3 battles inside Mount & Blade 2

Take to the battlefield yourself in this astonishing mod

While Crusader Kings 3 is a great simulation of medieval political jostling, when this degenerate into war, it lacks a little pizzaz. Enter Crusader Blade, a new mod which lets you fight CK3 battles inside Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. When it's time to rumble in CK3, it'll generate a Bannerlord battle based on your armies for you to fight in-person, then transfer the results back into CK3. Immensely impressive.

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You might remember seeing this earlier in the year. Well, now the first public version is out.

The creator explains on Reddit that battles and armies are generated by calculating the ratio of army sizes (given M&B2's 1000-unit cap), and trying to select M&B units similar to your CK3 army. Future plans include "sieges, duels, new troops, inventory and equipment system, and much more".

I imagine many of us have thought "It would be so cool if this game had Feature X from Game Y". For a fan to make this a reality by smooshing the two together is wildly impressive. Next up, I want to see another mod which turns duels into "1v1 me n00b" challenges inside Quake on DM6. And, of course, the Tony Hawk's Pro Crusaders mod should let your king actually sk8.

You can download Crusader Blade free from Itch.io. You'll need both CK3 and M&B2, obvs. If you dig it, you might want to financially support the work via Patreon.

Considering Paradox recently delayed Crusader Kings 3's first expansion, saying they're concerned about bugs and stablity, this might pep the game up a touch while you're waiting.

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