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Death And Distortion: Teleglitch

I'm not entirely sure if the things attacking me are zombies or if they are just very angry men. They run, I sidestep, they crash into a wall as they attempt to pursue, their turning circles more akin to a small car than a bipedal life form. What are they? Maybe I'll never know but when they surround me, the distinctive sound of being clobbered pours from my speakers. Whatever they are, they definitely want to do me harm. There are more distinctive monsters in the dark corridors of indie top-down shooter Teleglitch, but the majority of my time in the four levels of the freely available beta was spent cautiously exploring dark corridors and fending off furious men. Who may have been dead already. Trailer below.

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The visual distortion effects work well, even though they perhaps look overdone in the trailer. The game itself feels strangely like a top-down Quake 1 mod and I mean that as a positive. Given that this is an early release, with the developers hoping to release a commercial version next year, there is a fair bit of content. Quite a few weapons, lots of enemies and sizable environments.

I'll keep an eye on this as it develops but it's worth a play already if you fancy a lot of shooting and a side dressing of atmospheric exploration.

I struggled with the controls at first, not because they are broken in any way but because I didn't know how to pick up guns. It's probably explained somewhere that I failed to look but now it's explained here as well. WASD to move, space to pick things up and open containers, mouse wheel to select weapons. Aim and shoot with the mouse. I think that covers it.

Via Indiegames.

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