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RPS Asks... What's The Game You're The Worst At That You Most Enjoy?

Bad to the bone

Being bad at something doesn't always mean it's not enjoyable. And that's never more the case than when there's not an opponent to let down or feel crushed by. In the solitary land of single-player video games, it's very possible to be absolutely dreadful at a game and yet adore playing it. Perhaps it's even possible in multiplayer gaming too?

For me, the best example is Teleglitch. I'm not even going to tell you how embarrassingly far I've gotten into that game, but I've played it so much. But what is it for you?

If you had to guess which just-released game I'm reviewing that inspired this question, I doubt it would take long for you to suggest Nuclear Throne. I'm still in the process of discovering just how bad I am at that one. Or, and let's be fair to me slightly, just how phenomenally difficult it is. (A quick aside aimed at blowhards: that you are exceptionally adept at a particular type of game such that it means the difficulty does not so richly challenge you does not mean the game is not difficult. It means you put all your skill points into something really stupid.)

So which game is it that you find yourself willing to replay the opening few levels of over and over, knowing you'll likely never get the hang of it? Or in which online game do you not mind always seeing your name at the bottom of every leaderboard? When does failure not stop you from having fun?

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