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A Playing Of Roles: Game Of Thrones

This is the RPG Of Thrones, not the duff strategy one. News comes via Sean Bean, who just lobbed a brick through my window with this note attached.

"'Ow do. Who would have thunk that an ordinary lad from Yorkshire would become the King of the Rings and the Warrior Lord of Westeros? Not me mam. She said I were too mardy for t'be loved by millions. This 'ere game then. There's two fellas to make pretend as - Mors, from yon Night's Watch, and Alester, a Red Priest come back from flippin' exile. Aye. Ye'll tek a gander at that Wall oop north, which I'm nithered just to put mind to, an' all folks in it'll look jus' like actors on telly."

Intriguing, I'm sure you'll agree. Elaboration and new images below.

There's confirmation in Mr Bean's gentle musings, for those who didn't know, that the look of the game is directly based on the TV show. So it's A Game of a TV Series of a Book of Some Thrones. Sean didn't mention it but the 'thirty hours' of content is proclaimed again, as it seems to be in every press release. I'm eternally dubious of claims as to game length, both their veracity and their worth, but there you have it. Then there is this:

In "Game of Thrones", you will choose the class of your characters, find your fighting style, reach a good balance between your strengths and weaknesses, and get ready for epic battles! Find, buy or loot new equipment and weapons to fit your approach of the fights, and gain experience to improve your skills or learn new ones. Slow the time down during battle to analyze the situation and choose your next moves. In game of thrones, political skills can be as lethal as a sharpen sword, so never underestimate the power of a silver tongue to solve a critical situation!

So, it's an RPG with classes, experience, equipment and a strategic slow-down option. Thirty hours of that kinda thing. It could be brilliant but there's still not a huge amount to go on and it is due out early 2012. Footage should be coming our way soon. What else is's running on Unreal Engine 3? Did everyone know that? Probably.

Oh! Screenshots. These really are new. Click to grow 'em.

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