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Dohvakeen: Skyrim Breaks Steam Records

Officially official: Skyrim is officially the fastest-selling title in Steam's official history. And that's official. Neither Valve or Bethesda are giving specific sales figures, but Bethesda have claimed that the Skyrim PC outsold any other PC game in North America three to one in its first month. It's been a success elsewhere too: across all platforms and all territories, the dragon-bothering game has now racked up 10m in sales.

Said Valve's boss of business dev, Jason Holtman, to Industry Gamers: “Skyrim is the fastest selling title in Steam's history. Bethesda’s commitment to and understanding of the PC as a gaming platform shows in the great review scores, spectacular launch, and continued high player numbers that Skyrim has received. We are delighted that Bethesda chose to use Steamworks to support Skyrim both at retail and digitally.” Let me, ah, just pick him up on part of that.

"Bethesda’s commitment to and understanding of the PC as a gaming platform." But but but but...

The interface.
The lack of support for more than 2GB of RAM unless you mod the game.
The interface.
The fact that, until recently, it crashed at startup unless you force-lowered audio quality in Windows.
The interface.
The fact it took modders about 10 seconds to make the game look twice as good.
The interface.
Those icky textures.
The interface.

Look, I'm very glad Beth put out all of their games on PC, but Skyrim selling well on PC shouldn't be taken as a sign they're committed to and understand the PC as a gaming platform. Instead, let's just hope Bethesda will take it as a sign that they should lavish more attention on their PC builds.

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