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Look! Mass Effect 3 Combat Skills Videofilm

Here are some details about Mass Effect 3 combat abilities. They've been encapsulated in video form so you don't even have to read anything to find out about the new class-specific powers. However, if you don't want to watch a man enthuse over the contents of the game's special edition you should skip forward to around 1 minute 50 seconds. There's nothing too surprising, with such things as floating turrets for engineers, improved melee combat across the board and shockwave-inducing ground-punches for vanguards. I suppose the most surprising reveal is that the collector's edition contains a working model of the Normandy but I just made that up.

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Maybe I've seen one of these videos before, but I hadn't realised there was such a thing as BioWare TV. It's possible I just managed to forget it. I probably won't know again tomorrow so I'll be slightly bewildered all over again next time a proudly branded video includes the director of marketing of a company claiming to be a huge fan of one of that company's products.

I don't even doubt that he likes the series, but wearing the t-shirt, appearing on the company channel and then saying you're the kind of big-time fan who wants the collector's edition seems a little too much. The next step is having the video start with a man actually playing Mass Effect 2 and then turning to the camera, "Oh, hi, I didn't see you come in. Ha ha, ignore all this, I'm just enjoying my lunch break and this is what I choose to do with every single moment of my free time."

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