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Be Lucky: Fortune Summoners

They've not even got out their second game Chantelise yet, but already Recettear's translator/Western publisher Carpe Fulgur have lifted the lid on project the third. It's another translation of a Japanese indie game - this time being side-scrolling RPG/platformer Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone, which apparently has been something of a pet project for CF boss Andrew Dice. Have you heard of it? I haven't. But then I haven't heard of most things, like dinosaurs, cheese and the offside rule.

Allow me to copy some pasta for you, as I'm not enormously familiar with most of the comparison games here:

""It's cut from the same sort of cloth as Zelda II, Wonder Boy or the original Ys III (Wanderers From Ys, not Oath in Felghana). It includes both combat and puzzle elements, with later puzzles requiring clever usage of all three party members to succeed. Each party member has different abilities – Arche is a swordfighter and is surprisingly strong for her age, Sana is a water spellcaster and has a number of support abilities (and can breathe underwater) and Stella… burns things. Lots."

What's a Zelda?

Fortune Summoners appears to have a promising detailed hand-drawn look, though obviously it has ANIME-LOOKING CHARACTERS WITH BIG EYES AND STUFF, therefore some of you will have A VIOLENT OBJECTION to even thinking about this HORRIFIC INSULT to EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR/prefer to look at, regardless of how good a game it turns out to be. Comments like that make my day. No, wait, the opposite. (I'm no fan of that look myself, but it's never going to stop me from playing something interesting).

More in the announcement post, which also reveals stuff such as being DRM free, having X-input support for assorted gamepads and details on which version of the original Japanese game this is based on. We're looking at a November or December release, with a demo likely to land a month or two sooner.

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