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12 Minutes In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Check it out. Here are twelve (count 'em!) minutes of hot Deus Ex: Human Revolution footage, courtesy of the overflowing infinite video vat at IGN. Eidos Montreal Director Jean-Francois Dugas shows us around a section of the game located in "Tai Young Medical", where Jensen is on a critical mission to collect some information from a data core. Why is it always a data core? It's never data-lollipops or data-bears... Hmm.

I like the sound of isolating guards, and taking them all out one by one, then dragging all their unconscious bodies into one room. The vending machine makes a nice movable platform, but he's missing a trick by not throwing it at any of the baddies.

You can see a bit of how the various Augmentations work here too, and get a rough idea of how you'll be able to use the cloak. Some of the augmentations require energy to use, so when they are active they will drain from your energy. Your energy bar is split into multiple sections (and you can extend it through upgrades), and it will always recharge one section. You'll never be stuck somewhere without any energy, but you still have to keep an eye on your energy levels at all times.

I'm not totally convinced by the punching through walls though. It looks like it's only in places with specifically weakened sections, rather than any appropriate wall. It seems a bit limited to me, but we'll see.

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