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None More Bundley: Humble Bundle 3 Is Go

First there was a Humble Indie Bundle. Then there was another Humble Indie Bundle. And now, there is a third Humble Indie Bundle! So it goes.

Yes, the pay-what-you-want pack that has brought welcome funds to indie devs and philanthropic organisations alike (not to mention giving gamers a fat pack of splendid indie games for bargain prices) has returned for a new Summer of fun. But which splendid indie games are in it, exactly? I'm glad you asked.

These ones!

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe (making its Mac and Linux Debut)
  • Cogs (making its Linux debut)
  • Hammerfight (debuting on Mac and Linux and now has a new survivor mode)
  • VVVVVV (now with native ports to Mac and Linux, includes a never before seen map editor and some 3rd party maps)
  • And Yet It Moves (includes new achievements and other bonus content)

That's worth $50 if you bought everything separately at standard prices. Pay what you want here, though. Far more, if you like. Everyone involved certainly deserves it. All the games involved come in PC, posh-PC or hippy-PC flavours - and DRM free regardless of which format you pick. Hooray!

Organisers Wolfire have also made a cacophonous but excellently excited video explaining Bundle 3:

Cover image for YouTube video

As always, you can split whatever you pay between the game devs and charity Child's Play or online civil liberty heroes the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Previous Humble Bundles have raised a whopping (it is The Law to say 'a whopping' before revealing any large fundraising figure) $1 million for those charities, as well as presumably making several indie developers deliriously wealthy.

More details and the place to pay'n'play are right here.

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