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Dots of War... Supreme Ruler: Cold War

Giving me control over either the US or USSR in the middle of the Cold War would probably be a bad idea. Not only am I the worst RTS player in the history of the universe, I just don't think I'd be able to resist the temptation of launching a few nukes to see if I could draw a big smiley face in the middle of Utah. If you've got the patience and tactical thinking required to take the job on though, Paradox's Supreme Ruler: Cold War is out today. Very scary trailer follows.

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I can safely say that this is the tensest battle between little red dots and pink dots I've ever witnessed. The opening scene of pink dots surrounding America is genuinely terrifying, if they're the enemy, otherwise probably quite comforting. After that, it looks like the world has come down with an attack of measles, which the player is very capably taking care of by clicking buttons. That's good. Looks like this is all under control, and now the little dots are-

Oh, they're tanks... Well, that makes much more sense.

I have a headache already. But if you don't, Cold War gives you full control over either the USSR or US in full campaigns, with other nations in the Sandbox mode, and up to 16 smarter people than me can fight it out at once. Or stare at each other in passive aggressive ways, without ever quite coming to blows. Either way, much clicking will undoubtedly be involved.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War is out today, but don't look for it in shops - not yet. Physical copies will be available on the 22nd, but it's launching via digital distribution (although at the time of writing, hadn't actually gone live, so you might want to check back in a few hours.)

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